Rosie born 8 November 2013

Hi melissa,

Hypnobirthing VBAC vaginal birth after caesarean australia hypnobirth natural birth birth antenatal class pregnancyAl and I did your course not long ago. Al and I have a 2yr old son that was ceaser delivery and we were hoping for a vbac for this pregnancy. I had a 20 wk scan at the Wesley where the sonographer had said I was crazy to consider a vbac bc the baby was ‘too big’. I then had a 34 wk scan (with a different sonographer) who agreed the baby looked very large (his report listed baby as above 90 percentile large in all measurments).

On 8th nov I went into labour at 4.30am…..6pm that night we had a beautiful TINY (only 3.368kg….so much for those scans!)  baby girl called Rosie via VBAC!!!

Though I only made it to 7cm dilation before requesting an epidural, we still feel the 7hrs of labour prior to that ensured that Rosie was low enough to be delivered via vbac (even the midwife agreed).  We are thrilled in every aspect of the birth, it was the most amazing experience. We made sure the epidural wasn’t too high so I could still feel surges and move my legs.

I know I couldn’t have done it without your help and advice. I went into the birth excited and fearless, quite the opposite to my first birth.

I can’t belive how much better I feel after this birth then Max’s. With the ceaser I was in so much pain afterwards….with the vbac they let me leave hospital early bc I felt so great (and was missing my little man max back home).  I was only in hospital 2 nights!! I feel amazing, rosies going great, all is well. Al and I will never forget what an amazing experience it was, and I am so greatful to be in so much better health to look after my two kids post birth.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Love Caroline, Brookfield, Brisbane


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