Poppy Clare May born 19 December 2013

Jon and I are pleased to advise you that we are proud parents of our daughter …
Poppy Clare May.
Poppy and I had an amazing Labor at home and at the hospital. A beautiful natural water birth.
I had a the show the Friday before having non stop cramps and on Wednesday 18 December I was cramping on and off all day with them getting stronger by bedtime 9.30pm (I went about my day as per normal doing food shopping and Christmas shopping cleaning home etc ).
By 11.30pm I was woken by a surge that I had in my dream but it was the real deal. I was able to labour at home in peace and quiet listening to positive affirmations timing my surgers having lovely warm showers to ease the surges and lying under the ceiling fan.  I also listened to surge of the sea over and over.
At 3.30am I woke Jon. I told him we are going to have to go to hospital soon. He got all.our bags in the car and organized all coopers stuff for kindy.
We got my best friend up so she could deal with cooper when he woke up.
by 5am we got.to the hospital the surges were stronger now.
They checked to see how far along I was. I was saying in my head more than 4cm please. I was 6cm I knew not long now till I can meet our baby.
We got settled in the room I was in the shower while Jon put cds on.
The pool was filled by 7am we were in the pool and I used the gas to ease the surges.  They were really intense I thought I couldn’t do it… Jon said you are doing it and you can do it he was very amazing in the pool with me.
Poppy and I were ready to breath her down. At 8.36am she was born into.the world. It was amazing beautiful.
Jon and I are so thankful for the skills that you taught us I couldn’t of done it without going to your course and learning these amazing birth relaxation skills.
absolutely amazing.
We got home the same day at 4.30pm it’s just amazing people can’t believe it.
everything went according to plan and I believe it was from training my mind from 20 weeks pregnant and listening to your cds every night and looking at my positive affirmations!
Thank you again
So much love
Sarah Jon Cooper and Poppy.
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