One Important Tip from my Own Mum (for after baby is born)

Today I would like to share with you One Important Tip from my Mum, advice that I received from my own mother after my baby was born.

Now I know that a lot of you will be receiving advice from others when baby is born and some of this advice can be great, some not so great and some advice, just plain annoying! But the best advice that I received was from my own mother and you can hear what she said in this video…



Hello! I just wanted to touch base with you to find out how everything went? I’m guessing that you’re probably had your little hypnobub by now and I really hope that you were able to utilize your techniques and maintain your positive mindset to have a fantastic experience – because that’s really what it’s all about.

If you would like to share your birth story and help inspire other hypnobirthing parents, simply click here to submit your birth story (and a little picture to share would be great, too). It’d be really nice to keep the positivity flowing… x

Now you’re a new Mum and I know you getting a lot of advice right now. I know, I’ve been there! Absolutely! And some of the advice can be great, some of it can just be plain annoying and some of the advice can be completely wrong! But the best advice that I ever received was from my own mother after my first birth, I was having a few little challenges let’s just say, and she said to me…

“Melissa you are the expert of this baby, you know this baby better than anyone else on this earth… trust your instincts”.

And so I would like to pass this one bit of advice on to you… to trust your instincts!

Remember, that your baby has very simple needs, and it’s actually a lot easier – sometimes we make things out to be more complicated than they really need to be.  Just make sure you get enough sleep whenever you can. I know it can be hard… Put a sign on the door by the way. I did that!  I put a sign on the door… Do not disturb. New mum and baby need some rest on the door and it was very effective. I found no one disturbed me when that sign was up, so I was able to just catch up on little bits of sleep through the day, cause you know you’re up through the night, aren’t we? So get some rest when babies resting when possible.

And another thing is… if someone offers help take them up on their offer. Even if it’s picking up some things at the shops for you, or taking baby for a walk while you have a shower, or have a quick nap, or making a meal for you, or even hanging out the washing…  take them up on their offers of help. They wouldn’t be offering if they didn’t mean it.

Make sure that you’re drinking lots of water, eating healthy nutrient-rich food and getting out of the house whenever you can. Exercising, connecting with nature, it’s so important that we prioritise our own basic needs of rest, water, good nutrition and exercise because by meeting these basic needs for ourselves we are best able to meet the needs of our precious baby.

And if you’re struggling a bit then know that there is help on hand. You can contact your caregivers, your doctor, your midwife, there are health phone lines. And if you ever need help with breastfeeding then I highly recommend that you contact a local lactation consultant, because they really are wonderful.

And more than anything I just want to give you the message that you are amazing! You went into your birth very well prepared and you gave your baby the best start possible with the circumstances that you had… so give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 You are doing an awesome job!

And don’t forget, if you’d like to share your story simply click here,  and I can put you up on the Hypnobirthing Wall of Fame… and you can help inspire other mothers to have a positive birth.

Enjoy this special time with your beautiful baby.

I look forward to keeping in touch.

Melissa x

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