Olympic Gold Medalist Sara Carrigan Hypnobirths Again – and it was Ahhhhhmazing!

Hi Melissa,

The birth of our little man really was amazing! So much so I would happily do it all again right now. Our first birth was also beautiful and am so proud of myself but I certainly wasn’t saying that I wanted to do it all again right away!
It was ahhhmazing!

This time around was just at another level and I thank you so much for helping us work through everything, especially some of the doubts from my first birth. I had your affirmations in special places along with pictures of ‘my perfectly positioned baby’, and I listened to your tracks a number of times in the weeks leading up to our special day. I did do this with our first hypnobub but I only realise now that I just wasn’t as relaxed as I needed to be, and I did fight my body a bit. This time round however, I allowed myself to totally hand my body over to the experience and it was ahhhmazing!

Things gradually ramped up throughout all of Tuesday where we remained at home, feeling calm and relaxed. At about 7:20pm my waters released and just after that I had the urge to push! We made it to the birth centre at 8:05pm. I had my headphones on listening to my affirmations and birth prompts with my eyes closed and I remained in the zone. 50mins later at 8:55pm we met our little (or not so little) man weighing 4.22kg and 56cm.
I gave birth standing up on the steps en route to the birth pool. I had a feeling of needing to do a poo (Note from Melissa: heehee I talk about this in classes! ?) and as I was standing there holding onto the handrails, I didn’t actually know the head was out!
Our midwives caught our bubba and then he was in my arms and I cried with such happiness! About 30mins later I birthed my placenta and upon ‘inspection’, everything had remained intact down there.
4hrs later, we walked back to our car with our new bubba and enjoyed a beautiful night’s sleep at home.
Each time I reflect on my birthing experience, I tear up with joy and pride of what we accomplished and that I can actually say I enjoyed the whole experience!
I had an amazing birth! Thank you for helping us make that happen! xxx
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