I Started My Labour with an Audio Track! (Audio induction, anyone?)

I Started My Labour with an Audio Track! (Audio induction, anyone?)

Dear Melissa

I wanted to write and thank you for the Baby, Come Out! mp3 track.

At 10 days beyond my ‘guess date’ there was an element of pressure building. I had a medical induction booked in within the next 48 hours (although I had no intention of attending this particular appointment given baby and I were both so healthy). Regardless, there was pressure. The language around my baby and my pregnancy had changed somewhat and I was hearing plenty of “we will let you……” etc etc….. I politely reminded those caregivers around me that I was the one making the informed decisions on behalf on my baby and I at this end of my pregnancy. The pregnancy and birth and baby were still mine after all!

Hypnobirthing Australia MP3 - Baby Come Out

I listened to the track “Baby, Come Out!” as soon as I had my 3 year old settled in bed for the night. I shut down the laptop and skipped down the stairs as I reached the bottom step I felt my membranes release…..it’s no coincidence Melissa!

Despite this step in the right direction, nothing happened….. labour didn’t eventuate. An early morning acupunture session and then an appointment with my midwife and first appointment with an Obstetric GP followed (ticking a box apparently). They were both keen to see me attend hospital for precautionary IV antibiotics (I was GBS unknown by informed choice), fetal monitoring and possibly a medical induction.

Informed as I was, I politely declined these suggestions and instead I ‘hot footed’ it home to listen to “Baby, Come Out!“……. 5 times….. the surges started coming on beautifully and by 2pm I was in early labour…… the rest is history.

Another beautiful hypnobub arrived that evening. What an amazing track Melissa. It was perfect…. an ‘audio induction?!’.

I am a very strong and focussed woman and it wore me down having to manage everyone else’s fears around me. I won’t lie, the birth was beautiful but I was mentally a bit tired going in to it given all the talk about due dates and inductions etc I’d had to contend with. I really feel for women who simply don’t have the energy or courage to ‘back themselves’ because the scare mongering is intense!

You have ‘nailed it’ with “Baby, Come Out!” and I am so grateful.

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