Nash Garrick, born 7 March 2014

Dear Melissa,

First of all.. THANK YOU!

I’ve been meaning to send you this email for about 16 weeks now – we met our son Nash Garrick on Friday the 7th of March this year 🙂

Six days past my guess date, on Thursday morning, I woke up with period style cramping very low in my abdomen, I told Daniel I was feeling some sensations but didn’t really think too much of it as the cramps weren’t in any kind of pattern at all and they weren’t stopping me from doing anything throughout the day. When attempting to get to sleep that evening they were a bit harder to ignore, but I was listening to the ‘Surge of the Sea’ relaxation track on repeat and managed to doze off the third time round at about midnight.

I was woken up by much more intense cramp like sensations at 2:54am Friday morning. Lying down felt really uncomfortable so I got up and kind of just paced around the bathroom for a bit

Round about 3:45 I decided to wake Daniel up, as soon as I did my membranes slowly but surely released. This is when I realised the cramps were intact surges. We were over the moon to know there was a chance we might be meeting our son so soon.
Time is a blur for me from about here onwards.. I remember Daniel packing snacks and our labour bags into the car. I was successfully breathing through each surge, feeling them rapidly getting closer together. Starting to feel quite nauseous and being sick a few times, getting into the shower seemed like a good idea. The warm water really helped for awhile. I asked Daniel to call the midwife and tell her what was happening, she said to call back when I was having roughly 3 surges every 10 minutes. I remember one specific strong surge that I wasn’t able to overcome with surge breathing and decided the shower was no longer where I wanted to be. I began using Daniel as physical support for each surge, circling my hips with my arms around his neck. Being close to him was comforting, he was whispering affirmations to me every now and then, helping me to focus on my breathing.
The surges were becoming much more frequent and intense and Daniel called the midwife again. She started to make her way to our house instead of us going to the hospital unnecessarily. While we were waiting for her time felt like it was barely moving and I started to feel really anxious about the impending drive to the hospital. I remember the midwife arriving and feeling instantly more at ease in her aura. I agreed to a V.E to check dilation and remember how amplified the surges felt when laying down. My midwife knew I didn’t want to hear dilation in cm’s and instead calmly suggested we leave for the hospital.. I found out later I was 7cm dilated at this point.

The drive was uncomfortable and I found it hard to stay focused. The midwife met me at the hospital entrance so Daniel could park the car and I remember stopping about 4 times on the walk to the birth centre to use my midwife as a bolster and breathe through surges. I felt completely oblivious to the people around me on a busy hospital morning.

The birth pool was filling in our birth suite and Daniel was setting up the Hypnobirthing CD, electric oil burner and candles. I didn’t actually like the pool at first, the warm water was lovely but I kept feeling like it was too hot or too cold and I didn’t know how to position myself. I didn’t have too much time to think about it though, my surges were so close together and after the first surge in the pool I began to feel more comfortable. I was leaning on the side of the pool and Daniel’s attentive fanning and my birth board directly in front of me enabled me to stay as centred as possible.

I began instinctively breathing down not long after getting in the pool and Nash abruptly entered the world two hours after we arrived at the hospital, at 9:41am 🙂 born 8lb15oz, 56cm in length.

To say Daniel was an amazing birth partner is an understatement. Thanks to hypnobirthing he was armed with all the necessary knowledge, and some, and his calm, collected and encouraging energy helped me in my labour and pregnancy more than he could ever know.

garrickWe now have an easy going, happy and healthy baby boy who we are privileged to watch become more each day. Becoming smarter, becoming stronger, more alert, more awake, becoming more alive. Becoming himself. The entire experience has brought us closer together than ever and the two of us turning into three has awakened and enlightened me.
Hypnobirthing played such a beautifully positive role in my birth and pregnancy. The knowledge and wisdom you gave us and the courage and confidence you instilled in me is invaluable. My thoughts and feelings about labour morphed from fear into excitement and eagerness, and now I look back on giving birth as the most incredible, indescribable experience. I know I wouldn’t have such fond memories of this special time if it wasn’t for you.
There really aren’t enough words to express our gratitude!

Kayleigh & Daniel
Gold Coast

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