Music for your Birth & Relaxation

Music for your Birth & Relaxation

Pregnant woman having her baby listening to music

In our Positive Birth Program one of the many tools we teach is music for your birth and relaxation. We provide Hypnobirthing Australia mamas with hypnobirthing tracks throughout the program in which they become conditioned and associate the background music with deep relaxation. 

Music moves us emotionally and also physically. It is an important tool in our toolkit, as we prepare for a beautiful, calm, and very positive birth.

Research has shown that the use of music during labour is beneficial in many ways. 

  • Music can reduce pain. Music can help the birthing mother get into a deep state of relaxation allowing the birthing mothers hormones such as oxytocin to flow which helps move labour along smoothly and manage surges.  
  • Music can help create a calm birthing environment. Your birthing environment plays a huge role during labour, music allows you to control the mood of the environment so you can stay in your bubble of comfort. 

We have a variety of background music to help you during labour and birth including our world famous ‘Surge of the Sea’ which provides a professional guided self-hypnosis & relaxation, especially designed for use during pregnancy and childbirth.  Click here to purchase our Hypnobirthing Australia Tracks. 

If you love the background music from ‘Surge of the Sea’ – Hypnosis for Childbirth’ and our other tracks; then you can now purchase the music by world-renowned Australian meditation music artist –  Christopher Lloyd Clarke, to use as background music during your own birth or for general relaxation before and after your birth.

Here are the names of the tracks which can all be purchased from The Guided Meditation Site. Go to the MUSIC DOWNLOADS tab – then MEDITATION MUSIC and scroll down to see all of his long-play meditation tracks.

Christopher meditates himself, so I know he is coming from a very authentic place when creating his beautiful music. 

Tip: I recommend that pregnant mamas avoid the binaural tracks.

You can CLICK HERE to go straight to Christopher Lloyd Clark’s website.

Sometimes during birth we don’t wish to hear ‘words’,  just music. We always recommend that you have a playlist of tracks and music combined and then another playlist of music only. 

Alternatively, you may already have some of your own meditation style music that you would like to use for your birthing playlist. Whatever tracks you use, just ensure that they make you feel relaxed and positive… that’s the vibe we want to create in our birthing room. ?

Don’t forget your baby is being conditioned to associate these tracks with relaxation, too. So you can play this music when your hypnohub is born and many mothers tell me their baby’s just love it! 

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