McKinley Taj born 16 July 2012

Loose and floppy. Breathing up with each surge – Seleneah remained calm and relaxed through her birth.
Loose and floppy. Breathing up with each surge – Seleneah remained calm and relaxed through her birth.

McKinley Taj  – Our H and H (Homebirth and Hypnobirthing) baby

 I just wanted to offer words of encouragement and support to other families that have chosen to provide their child with the most calm and natural start possible.
In our fear based birth culture, pervaded with unneccessary medical intervention; the positive stories of natural birth are often dismissed as ‘lucky’ or ‘freakish’.
I know that the positive stories, photos and videos of Hypnobirthing in action affirmed my decision. I believe that by sharing our positive birthing stories with as much emotion and conviction as the horror tales we can change the common  birth expectations and experience.
I just wanted to share two elements of my birth to demonstrate the power of Hypnobirthing. I was able to enter a state of deep relaxation that was not interrupted  by examinations etc because I was at home.
Time was irrelevant to me given my deep state of relaxation. After the birth I was told that my  pre- labour was 3 hours and that my active labour was 4 hours and 45minutes. But I would have believed any time that I was told.
In class Melissa asked the mums to ask their babies how long their labour would be. I saw the number 8.
I know that an OB/GYN could not provide that accuracy! Now to take McKinley to the races.
2. Breathing
My midwife used a doppler to track McKinley’s heartbeat. It is common for a baby’s heartbeat to drop from 150bpm to 100bpm as they enter the birth canal. McKinley’s heart rate did not drop due to the oxygen I provided him. Surge breathing and birth breathing benefit mums and bubs!
Seleneah and Darren, South Brisbane
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