My labour and delivery was awesome! Birth Story of Maisie.

“I can’t believe how great I feel. How lucky I was to have such an amazing birthing experience and I definitely know it was because both Ben and I had the Hypnobirthing techniques to use.”


maisie-mayHi Melissa,

Little baby Maisie has arrived :o)

We were so sure we were having a boy ” so of course she’s a girl!! Maisie arrived and weighed 7lb 10oz and perfect!

My labour and delivery was awesome! Labour started the morning after my acupuncture session. I was having 1 per week to help with sleeping and heartburn and to get my body ready. I had mild contractions all day Friday that ramped up at midnight. I laboured at home throughout the early morning and we went to hospital at around sunrise.

I declined standard vaginal examinations and continual monitoring etc and thanks to an amazing midwife who understood we were after a natural birth and were using Hypnobirthing techniques for pain relief, helped us have the day just how we wanted it.

I had the affirmations cd playing on the cd player constantly throughout the day. I laboured on my side in the lateral position and Ben says every time he referred back to the book, I was doing it pretty much as it read.

Breathing was definately key. I birthed Maisie just after 4pm. I just let my body take over at that stage, I felt the pushing urge but didn’t need to push as such as I was feeling my body do it for me! I came away with just a graze.

We were on cloud nine after the birth. I was so happy and was amazed at how great I instantly felt! The midwife offered me some Vegemite toast and a cup of tea and I ate it while we had our skin on skin and first feed!

We came home with Maisie on Sunday, she was only 24hrs old.

I can’t believe how great I feel. How lucky I was to have such an amazing birthing experience and I definitely know it was because both Ben and I had the Hypnobirthing techniques to use. It should be a mandatory course for all women and it breaks my heart there are woman out there with terrible birth trauma, it doesn’t need to be that way!!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me the tools to a birthing experience I can be proud of and love sharing.

Forever thankful,

Peta, Ben and Maisie, Pacific Pines

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