Lyla born 26 December 2013


Hi Melissa,

Callum & I are pleased to announce our first child, daughter Lyla, was welcomed into the world on 26th December 2013 at 4:25pm weighing 6pound 11 ounces, at 38 weeks.
With what was a “stop start” labour, starting when membranes released on christmas morning (thank you again for your reply to my email on xmas day!) with the help from Callum I stayed calm and as relaxed as possible and had the natural birth I was wanting. The only part of my birthing preferences I didn’t get was a water birth because by the time we arrived back at the hospital Lyla was making her descent and there wasn’t enough time to get the bath ready!
After a not so confident start I felt a little disappointed that I allowed the doctor to perform a vaginal examination after my membranes had released. They said they hadn’t released and it was only a leak, however it was confirmed later that the membranes had definitely released. This was proof that I should have trusted my instinct and being more firm and confident with expressing my wishes. We didn’t let that get us down, and from then on we trusted our own decisions were the right ones and weren’t afraid to speak up and question everything. Thanks to hypnobirthing Callum did an amazing job as birth partner/support person/my voice/my rock, and he was just as involved, if not more, in the experience as I was. When everyone congratulated me on a great job, I have had to correct them and say “we” did an amazing job!
I cannot begin to thank you enough for the opportunity to be trained by you, 6 months ago if someone told me I would have  a completely natural birth with no tearing or stitches (yay!) I would have told them they were kidding me! I feel very proud of myself and am so so happy that I can remember every single detail of the labour and birth, and was able to bring my baby girl home 24hrs after birthing her. She has been such a peaceful baby, and I believe this is because she entered the world in a calm and peaceful way.
Thank you again,
Warm regards,
Kerri, Callum & Lyla 
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