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Libby Trickett Goes for Gold Again!

Melissa Spilsted with swimming champions Luke & Libby Trickett
Melissa Spilsted with swimming champions Luke & Libby Trickett

I’ve taught a number of elite athletes and gold medalists over the years; and I was very honoured to have Luke & Libby Trickett attend my classes recently, as they prepare for the positive birth of their baby.

Libby Trickett is Australia’s ‘Golden Girl’ – having won 4 gold, 1 silver & 2 bronze medals over the 2004, 2008 & 2012 Summer Olympics along with a long list of other national titles and accolades throughout her stellar swimming career. Luke Trickett is also a former national team swimmer and Australian medalist. And let me tell you – they are truly a dynamic team (and down to earth and just beautiful inside and out)!

And now ‘team Trickett’ is going to bring their baby into the world in a calm and positive using hypnobirthing.

Libby and Luke already know the important role that preparation plays, in achieving success. All successful athletes know this – which is why I find that many are attracted to our course when preparing for the birth of their baby.

Recently, I also taught Olympic Gold Medalist in cycling, Sara Carrigan and her husband Stevo for the preparation of their positive pregnancy and birth. They were another beautiful and down to earth couple – who fully embraced the hypnobirthing philosophy and were proactive in their preparation (body and mind).

Athletes have a full appreciation of the importance of nurturing and maintaining a positive mindset, building knowledge, having tools to draw upon and having great support as they prepare and focus on their goals. Which is why a number of famous athletes choose to prepare for the birth of their baby using the Hypnobirthing Australia program. We cover these important aspects in our course. Our goal is to achieve a calm, positive and empowering birth.

Birthing our baby has many similarities to a major athletic event; only we don’t need to get up at 4am each morning for training (although when we are pregnant, we do often need to get up at 1pm, 1pm and 4am for a wee!!! heehee).

The best news of all is – you don’t need to be an Australian gold-medalist to have access to this fantastic preparation. You can join a Hypnobirthing Australia class in locations all throughout Australia. Click here to find your nearest class.

And if you don’t have a class nearby – we now have an online option available, too.

Preparation is the key to success! Elite athletes and successful people in all walks of life, know this. Birth is one of the most important days in ours and our baby’s lives; and so it is worth preparing for.

Come and join us and prepare of your birth like a CHAMPION!

Melissa Spilsted – Director Hypnobirthing Australia






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