Jett Riley born 17 August 2011

389449_10150398679872149_360037147148_8677228_1232409764_n-300x225Our baby was due on a public holiday of all days! And just my luck on this particular night my partner Adrian had to work and couldn’t reschedule the work that needed to be done.

On Wednesday, August the 17th I woke up at 245am and texted Adrian to let him know that I was ok and to see how he was doing. He said work was going well and he should be home by 6am.

At 3 am (15 minutes later) lying in bed trying to go back to sleep, my waters broke.

I then had a good giggle to myself and rang Adrian to say I had jinxed myself and to get home in no hurry but when he could as my waters broke.

With this I changed… and set up my bedroom into the calm state, candles, Rainbow relaxation and relation music. The surges began not long after were 7-9 minutes apart and not consistent at this stage.

Adrian got home around 400am and by 530am my surges were consistent and around 5-6 minutes apart. Rainbow relaxation, Birthing Affirmations were listened to throughout this time.

I was coping unbelievably well with no real discomfort as yet.

We casually dropped my 6 year old son to my mums and on we went to hospital again in no hurry.

At 6am on assessment at hospital, I am told by the midwife she is unsure that my waters had actually broken. I was told I could go home, or be admitted to the ward for now.

I knew my baby was coming, I knew my waters had broken and I was not going home!

We were greeted by the ward midwife, and shown to our room. I was told to sing out if we needed her at any stage.

Adrian and I sat in our room and he helped me focus and breathe through the surges.

Using the facilities such as shower and a seat in the bath room I lasted until around 930am before I felt that everything was all getting a bit much.

I was sure at this point I was not getting much of a break at all.

And it’s here that I hit transition. Without even knowing it I asked Adrian to get the Dr, “I want a c-section to get this baby out”

Adrian grabbed the midwife whom I had not seem since admission and she requested a Dr urgently.

Note that at this stage, no one had checked me for dilation or to tell me how my labour was progressing. Nor was I hooked up to any kind of equipment. I was totally flying solo with the help of my partner.

I believe the time at this point was around 930 am.

Adrian calmed me down temporarily and I even rang my son Demitrie in between surges to let him know I was going ok and no baby brother just yet.

At this stage my contractions were 1-2 minutes apart and lasting for about 45 seconds to a minute. I was told by the Dr’s to head down to the delivery suite straight away and they could talk to me then about options that I had.

My midwife took me down to the delivery ward.

166919_10150398674712149_360037147148_8677184_1349611305_n-230x300Adrian would like to say “It was the time between 9.45-10:15 that Danielle was delirious and demanding C-Sections and any pain relieve in sight.  Little did she know that she was going through transition which was explained in the Hypnobirthing class.  I knew she was dilating beforehand but she wouldn’t listen to my opinion because I was not a doctor which is understandable.  I did mention the transition process to Danielle but she thought it was too soon, and the fact that no one had checked her dilating had really sent her panicking.  Danielle wanted to give up and thought she could not handle the process.  But given the information provided at the classes, I knew that we were experiencing transition and we were coming so close to meeting our baby.  I had to stay strong and implement the Hypnobirthing techniques, ensuring I remained calm and supportive”

I arrived to our delivery room at 1015am where I met my wonderful delivery midwife who greeted me and took me in.

It is here I had the surge that got my midwife into emergency kick start mode. It appeared that as I was having this surge that she saw I was “Pushing” (Breathing down) without knowing that’s what I was actually doing.

To me I was doing this as it helped to relieve the enormous pressure I was feeling.

When she saw this she told me to get up on the bed straight away so I could be checked.

After being checked, I got the exciting news that I could forget pain relief or time for anything else because my baby was….. “He’s right there, Danielle”.

Finally I knew our hard work up until now was worth it, I was able to deliver my baby now knowing that he was right there, and that we got so far on our own through Hypnobirthing techniques.

Our baby “Jett” was then delivered 30 minutes after admission to the delivery suite.  He was born at 1045am J

A miracle! Our little miracle… being my second birth, but my first natural birth.

I never dreamt it possible that I could get through such an event in life without medical intervention.

But we did! And I am happy to say that I can’t wait to do it again. It’s truly was a magical experience.

And although concerning, I think it was a blessing that I had little intervention on the ward and on admission because it allowed me to get through the birth without influence of others.

Adrian and I were such proud parents on this day. And my midwives were totally amazed!

I have had such a great recovery too and baby Jett is one healthy, happy and content baby.

My first birth with my son Demitrie was very traumatic…actually in comparison it was undeniably a total nightmare.

I had an induced birth from the start and then from here there was medical intervention after medical intervention.
I had an unsuccessful attempt 3 times for an epidural, and medical staff moved onto giving me a spinal block where I lost almost complete sensation from my neck down.

Logically how could I have delivered a baby without any control of my body? I was asking to fail from the start. I do see that now.

After almost 16 hours of labour I was deemed FTP à that dreaded saying of “Failure to Progress” where I was then moved on to an Emergency C-Section.

It really was my lack of knowledge of what my body was expected to do that I ultimately refused my body it’s ability to do what it has been made to do.

I honestly believe now and before Jett arrived to us that these medical interventions played a huge domino effect on how my labour went the first time.

So grateful to have been taught the techniques and knowledge that Hypnobirthing offers.

Despite this previous traumatic first birth I really went into this second birth with my eyes open and fully equipped mentally and physically for what I was going to do this time around.

I accepted each part of our birthing, and such a difference it made, I didn’t refuse my body and its ability to deliver, not once.

I really truly believe that without these classes you offer I would still have not had the knowledge or ability to accept and cope with a natural birth.

Totally ecstatic with the results this time! I believe I can do it 5 times over! Not that we want that many children on top of
the 2 we already have. J

I will totally recommend this to others as it was recommended to us…. I couldn’t have done it without Hypnobirthing.

Thank You Melissa! J

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