Jesper Fig born 30 April 2012

Our beautiful boy, Jesper Fig, was born on Monday 30th April at 6.58pm. The birth was beautiful, precious, amazing & the most incredible day of our lives! We both found the Hypnobirthing skills & techniques so invaluable ” I was very pleasantly surprised when Kristian remembered things from the Hypnobirthing course that I had completely forgotten, he seemed to pull them out at exactly the times I needed.  Our mid-wife was fantastic ” she left us alone for the most part ” when she read the birth notes out to me 2 weeks later I was amazed at how often she had commented on how ‘focused & relaxed’ I was throughout the birth! We had a completely natural water birth & little Jesper was placed on my belly, alert & awake, to slowly crawl up & suckle. Absolute Bliss!
Oh, by the way, we reached 38 weeks & 6 days too!! So he was full term & we were able to have our Birth Centre birth as planned! I found the ‘tied up blue satin ribbons’ very helpful! The affirmations next to my toilet managed to help Jesper stay put from 32 weeks to almost 39 weeks! This is incredible as when we went into early labour at 32 weeks the obstetrician assured me it would be a ‘miracle’ if we made it to term! (especially considering I declined all recommended drugs!)
I better run as the little man is hungry!
Thank you so so much for all of your support along the way! I can’t recommend the Hypnobirthing course enough to any couple wanting a natural, blissful birth & I will certainly be suggesting you to all of my pregnant clients!
Thanks again Melissa!
IMG_0540-1-150x150Sophia, Kristian & Jesper ” Newfarm, Brisbane
(Sophia is a well regarded Naturopath, Nutritionist, Lecturer & Pilates & Yoga Practitioner)
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