It was so calm and beautiful

Bonnie’s Birth Story

positive natural birth after traumatic birthBonnie & Dan

Feb 2021

Baby Charlotte

Broome Hospital



You have no idea how much the hypnobirth skills helped me. My first birth was the most terrifying experience that caused a lot of physical and mental trauma, I literally went into fight or flight mode and was so disconnected from Evelyn in the first week that it then had long term effects on my breastfeeding experience. I was referred to a therapist to deal with this trauma.

This time around with Charlotte, it was so calm and beautiful.

In the weeks leading up to it we used the maternal positioning information along with visiting the massage therapist to mark out pressure points. We used the audio tracks nearly daily (though I always fell asleep before the end)

At 2am 23rd Feb my waters started leaking, at 5am we went to the hospital, we used the affirmations tracks, clary sage in the diffuser and a tens machine, plus acupressure points. Bonnie's Positive birth experience

I remained upright throughout the next couple of hours. At 7.30am they wanted me to head home but we declined because our last baby was a precipitous labor. At 9.15am I had a VE and was 7 cm dilated, cervix still thick.

Then immediately after I knew bub was coming (midwife didn’t quite believe me). Dan helped me repositioned to my knees (transition had kicked in and I was asking to go home hahaha). I used the breathing techniques and then bub was born nice and gently at 9.26am.

All the family commented on how much more bright and happy I was after this birth. I felt so empowered and content. This has then helped me go onto breastfeed quite well too.

The skills we learnt from the program helped so much. I have encouraged many other mothers to be to seek this program

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