Is it Worth Booking into a Hypnobirthing Australia Course?

Is it Worth Booking a Hypnobirthing Australia Course?

it is worth booking into a hypnobirthing australia course?

Hypnobirthing aims to help expectant mothers feel empowered through providing tools for education and reduce any stress and anxiety surrounding birth. 

Whilst pregnancy is one of the most special times in life, do you feel like you are completely prepared for labour? And do you feel like you have been educated and empowered to make decisions regarding your birth preferences (ie. a birth plan)? 

Often, amid the excitement, there is a cloud of fear associated with labour and birth. Part of this fear is driven due to a lack of knowledge regarding birthing options and what happens to your body and baby during labour. It is a mothers right to make informed decisions regarding her birth, yet there is often little information provided in the health care system to enable the expectant mother to be able to confidently make these choices regarding their birth plan. 

The goal of the Hypnobirthing Australia program is to prepare by educating the mother and birth partner, provide tools and reduce conscious and subconscious fears associated around childbirth.  Not only does hypnobirthing provide individuals with tools for a calm and positive birth, it will also provide education and information to assure you feel confident about birth. Hypnobirthing will teach participants how to practice self- hypnotherapy and how to incorporate a range of methods such as relaxation, visualisation, affirmations and massage to relax, remain positive, reduce pain and stay in control throughout labour and birth. Hypnotherapy is a term which describes a state of deep relaxation, and this can be used to let go of fears and create a calm and relaxed experience for the birth of your baby. 

The Hypnobirthing Australia program focuses on the four elements required to set you up for a positive birth experience including knowledge, tools, support, and preparation

Knowledge of the power of your mind and body connection, knowledge of hormones, physiology of birth, special circumstances and birthing preference. Tools to practice breathing techniques, relaxation, visualisation, massage, acupressure and self–hypnosis. Support including education for your birth partner, environment for birth, choices in maternity support and caregivers. Lastly, preparation, setting you up to focus on a positive mindset, releasing fears, optimal positioning for your baby and information around healthy diet and exercise.  

Hypnobirthing can guide the way to a positive birth experience in whichever form of labour and delivery is right for a safe entrance of your baby into the world. Through implementing the four elements for a positive birth and methods in self tools such as hypnosis, breathwork, relaxation, visualisation, acupressure and massage; the mother is equipped for a journey into a positive birth experience.

This blog is written by Rhiannon Holdsworth who is both a Registered Nurse and a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner in the Adelaide Hills. CLICK HERE for more details. 

For all other locations for face-to-face classes  find your closest Practitioner here.

We also have online options available. Click here for further info.

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