Hypnobirthing was so helpful to relinquish any fear or anxiety I had about giving birth

I’m so delighted to share the news that little baby Liam arrived safely on 11th February.
Unfortunately we had to be induced so my dreams of having a nice slow labour starting at home with my hypnobirth techniques didn’t quite occur, but I found loads of uses for them during my labour which was so helpful. I was able to control my breath through the surges and it was so helpful that my husband had practiced this with me too, to remind me to keep going and not lose focus.
We attended the 2-day course at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Melbourne and found it so encouraging and empowering, a much more positive education than the generic childbirth course we had done earlier. I really appreciated the tracks and listened to them every day in the lead up to Liam’s birth. Hypnobirthing was so helpful to relinquish any fear or anxiety I had about giving birth – I was calm and excited, ready for whatever path the birth took. I know people say the power of the mind is so great, but in this instance I was really able to see it first hand. So a big thank you from me / us for these wonderful tools and resources, I’m delighted to have had a positive birth experience and am proud to promote the amazing work of Hypnobirthing Australia to anyone who will listen.
I’ve attached a few pics of baby Liam and you can follow his journey on Insta @photographybysarahjoy – as a professional Baby Photographer, he is already the world’s most photographed baby!
Thanks again, I couldn’t have done it without you!
Sarah Reilly
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