I’m so glad I went to the Positive birth Program

Rebecca’s Birth Story

Rebecca's Birth StoryRebecca & Bruce

Baby Girl

September 2021

Albany Hospital

I’m so glad I went to the Positive birth Program as it showed me how calm women can be during birth and how relaxed they were all were just focusing on their breathing and I thought I want to be like that. I’m going to do that.

My due date came around, 30th of September

I started getting period like cramps in my lower tummy and lower back in the morning, as the day went on we went up to the hospital.

My partner was such a huge part of my labour, he held me, tried to give me comfort as much as he could, and he kept telling me I’ve got this, I can do this, each contraction is bringing our baby girl that bit closer. He kept reminding me just to take big deep breaths in and out. Nice and slow, Every time he knew I was concentrating on the pain he kept telling me to concentrate on my breathing, and I did as much as I could.

When the time came around my body knew what to do, my partner kept reminding me just to breath and I just focused on my breathing and I feel like I just breathed our baby girl out until we had her in my arms.

Thank you for the program I really enjoyed it! And when my friends eventually decide to have babies I will be recommending them to do the Positive birth program!

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