I couldn’t wish for a better outcome after doing the Hypnobubs™ Online Course!

Now, a month after the birth of our miracle, I would like to share it. To express how grateful I am to Melissa and the team at Hypnobubs, and to show that anything is possible to those that need a bit of encouragement in their journey.

After 19 years of when my first child was born, five years of trying to have a baby in a new relationship, one physically, mentally and emotionally painful terminated pregnancy (for medical reasons) and two unsuccessful IVFs with PGD, when at 42-years-old the doctors said it would be extremely unlikely to get pregnant, especially with a healthy baby in our circumstances, and all the risks after 40s, we just gave up and started waiting one day to have grandchildren.Newborn Hypnobub sleeping in mothers arms

But the Universe had different plans. About a month after our last consultation, I apparently, fell pregnant, which I found out in early January this year. I was so scared that the baby will be sick again and I would have to go through the termination procedure again, that we didn’t tell anyone but the genetic clinic. I had a CVS and miraculously, the baby was only a carrier of my thalassemia gene and no other registered problems.

We couldn’t believe it and it took me a while to sink it down. I was going to have a baby!!!

Then I started reading and researching how to have a better experience. It’s interesting how things work. When you look, you can find!


I really hoped to make this miracle even more special and this was the way.
I was going through the course well and practising was great, really helpful with the Braxton Hicks, but unfortunately, at the 32w scan we found out that the placenta was laying low and a C-section was recommended. We decided to go safe option even though I had had a bad experience with my first one and was scared and worried.

The c-section was planned for 13th of September, but my baby decided to come out earlier. My membrane released early morning on 11th of September and we headed to the hospital. It was nothing like what I expected. The day before I was full of fear about the surgery and even that I could die and not see my baby. But we all were calm and relaxed, thanks to the Hypnobirthing Australia/Hypnobubs tracks.

The staff at the hospital not only accepted almost everything on my preference list, but said that they are offering most of them anyway. They waited for me to be in established labour to have the surgery. My music was playing in the theatre and at 9:49am I got my baby skin-to-skin straight out of my womb thanks to my midwife, who excitedly agreed to support me in having a birth, as close to natural as possible. The cord clamping was delayed not much but still for some time. It was the anaesthetic and the cut, no other interventions. I also didn’t feel any pain afterwards.

Christina's Baby Boy that she had at 42 years old

Despite the special circumstances, I was able to bring my mindset back around and ensure that my baby came into the world calmly and surrounded by love. I couldn’t have the natural birth I wanted and prepared for, but this was, as Melissa said, the ideal caesarean birth – the one where you are able to go into labour first.

Now, cuddling my baby and enjoying motherhood again, I feel blessed and so happy. There are still moments though when I can’t believe all this happened…

I couldn’t wish for a better outcome after using the course and your personal encouragement Melissa. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!

Thanks a million again and be blessed for what you do!


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