Hypnobirthing made an enormous difference to my labour!

We did our hypnobirthing course with Georgia from ‘The Birthing Kit’ in Darwin and she was fantastic!

We welcomed our baby girl, Stella, on the 6th of March.

While I had prepped to set up the room with printed out affirmations, music and lights etc I didn’t actually use any of it. One reason was that we didn’t have time to set up the room but I found I didn’t actually need them in the end. I remembered my breathing during contractions much better than I thought I would and this really helped especially when they were getting intense. I also found myself reciting the affirmations by myself and when I put Melissa’s track on I found it more distracting than just focusing on either me or my partner’s voice. My partner was also a superstar during labour, he remembered to do the touch and kept whispering affirmations into my ear at critical times when I really needed to hear them.

After three and a half hours of pushing, I was told she was too stubborn and hadn’t moved at all. She was also facing the wrong way and her heart rate was dropping during contraction and couldn’t come out. We were completely prepared for any turn labour would take and were calm during the prepping for C-section process.

Just before they were about to give me an epidural they did one final exam and she had actually come down a little bit but was still facing the wrong way. They decided to turn her using a vacuum, once they did that she came out normally without any help from the doctors. With a little help, we made an awesome team!!!!

Again while pushing I really remembered all the bearing down and breathing much better than I thought I would – practice really does make perfect!!!! There were definitely aspects we could improve on for next time but hypnobirthing really did make an enormous difference to my labour and while she wanted to come out on her own terms, in her own time hypnobirthing made the process as ‘relaxing’ as it could’ve been. Thank you to the team and to Georgia who was an excellent teacher and facilitator!!!


Darwin, Australia

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