Hypnobirthing allowed us to be a strong supportive team

We attended our Hypnobirthing Australia Classes on the Gold Coast and we wanted to share our experience with you.

We went into spontaneous labour (one day past our due date) at 9 pm post using a clary sage diffuser for 20 mins and attending an induction acupuncture that afternoon.

We applied the TENS machine that we hired to the lower back which worked brilliantly and kept our environment very dark and calm. Surges were 10mins apart from the beginning and at this stage, I was able to sleep/rest on the couch between. Things ramped up around midnight and I put myself in the shower until 4 am…deep vocalisation was really helpful at this point.

We headed to the hospital at 5:30 am with the TENS machine in place, increasing the level with each surge that was now 3min apart. Around 6 am our midwife greeted us and I had an examination and found to be around 7cm. I got back in the shower and I felt the new environment allowed me to refocus.

My midwife kept the area dark, with an aromatherapy diffuser going. My wife continued the affirmations throughout it all along with encouraging the breathing techniques. Around 9am I got into the bath and utilised the gas, I was able to still have a relaxed focused face during this time and my choice of relaxation was a mixture of affirmations and ‘best of the 70’s’ music in the background.

I, unfortunately, had a posterior labour that meant intense back pain and I felt I had exhausted all my options so I asked for another check and I was 8.5cm with an anterior lip. I asked for an epidural and had this approx 1 pm. Due to the epidural, it meant continual monitoring and it was then picked up that there was foetal distress so I was sent for an emergency c-section.

Our daughter Navy as born at 3:36 pm. Hypnobirthing allowed us to be a strong supportive team on the journey to meet our daughter regardless of how she came into the world.

Melissa & Yazmin – Gold Coast

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