How affirmations help your mindset in pregnancy, labour, and birth

How affirmations help your mindset in pregnancy, labour, and birth

How affirmations help your mindset in pregnancy, labour, and birthWords have power, especially in pregnancy, labour, and birth. Words can directly affect how we think, feel, behave, the action we take, and how we relate with others.

The more we repeat a thought the more likely that thought will be imprinted in our subconscious mind and become apart of our belief system. This goes for negative thoughts as well. 

This is where our positive birth affirmations come into play, they are one of the most valuable tools we teach in our Positive Birth Program and Online Hypnobirthing Course to maintain a positive mindset throughout pregnancy, labour, and birth.

Our Hypnobirthing mothers listen to our MP3 “Affirmations for beautiful birthing” which is available with our track “Surge of the Sea”. Mothers listen to this leading up to birth and during birth to maintain a calm and positive mindset.

Here’s a little rundown of how to effectively use positive birth affirmations:
  • See them: Display your affirmations in a prominent place, so you will see them several times every day.
  • Hear them: Play your affirmations track or have your partner recite the affirmations to you daily.
  • Speak them: Say your affirmations out loud – even if you feel a little bit self-conscious at first; remember that repetition helps reprogram your subconscious.
  • Feel them: Take it one step further … say them with emotion. Really ‘feel’ them.
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