Frank Edward, Born 13 June 2015

Good morning Melissa,

I’m not too sure if you remember me, we did Skype sessions together over two years ago for my second daughter Chloe Sophia. I just wanted to share that we have welcomed another and final addition to our family a beautiful baby boy, Frank Edward.

Hypnobirthing was used and vitally important in this birth again. Baby Frank allowed my waters to naturally break at 0300 on the 13th of June, 5 days before expected due date. Frankie and I were so calm and did not rush around, I had a shower he had a coffee and we packed the kids into the car to drop them off at a friends place before heading to the hospital (I stayed at home this time I did not want to be on town again, I needed the relaxation of farm life). We got to the hospital at 0430 with very few tightenings so I had another shower and just watched infomercials on TV.

My Dr came for a visit at 0800 and said he would go another check soon but I should go for a walk, walking around with nothing happening, still nice and calm (I was actually happy because I had a nursing exam in two days so I used the extra time to study….)

0930, VE and I was 2cm, time for the drip….. you remember how much I love that drip….. 1020 drip in, 1030 tightenings and I was so excited!!!

Tightenings were easy to breathe and talk through, I had my best friend there again as well as Frankie. Frankie played his phone and giggled through the tightenings when he saw how intense they were getting and Kelly crocheted and laughed at Frankie laughing, it was just a really good place to be.

I had lunch at 1230 but has to stop/eat quickly as the tightenings were getting where they needed to be. Midwife (who was amazing) placed baby monitor on while I stood and swayed through tightenings and he was fine.

Got in the shower 1300, came out at 1340 as there was pressure. Got on the bed, and started to push and as it was change of shift I ended up with my most favourite midwife and the amazing one I had aquired from the original shift. Calm breathing, affirmations from my best friend and Frankies calming strokes on my arm and baby Frank was welcomed into the world at 1409 without a sound. I had to get everyone to check him to make sure he was okay…..

I want to thank you once again for allowing me this spectacular birth of my son. He is pure perfection and because of you I have been able to implement relaxation in every aspect of my life. I was so calm and energized that 36 hours after his birth my Obstetrician allowed me to leave the hospital to go and complete my last exam of the term while the midwives snuggled him for me.

You have changed so many aspects of my family’s life for the better, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Many Kind thanks,

Alysha xx

Allenstown (near Rockhampton), Queensland


Frank Edward
13th June 2015
3490g 7p 11ounces
47cm long
36cm HC

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