Ethan David born 29 October 2012

I am a very chilled out little hypnobub!
I am a very chilled out little hypnobub!

Ethan David was born on Monday, October 29. He was born in a birth pool at home, under the care of two private midwives, Meg and Liz.

As you know, I was quite traumatised following the birth of our second son, though his was a natural water birth, it was extremely quick and painful, and I felt unprepared and out of control. This birth could not have been more different!
After a few false starts, I went into labour at 41+2 weeks. We had a birth pool set up in our bathroom, the blinds drawn and only a soft light on. As soon as I went into the pool, I immediately went into a deep meditation, breathing through the surges which quickly became quite intense. I was so focused that I barely noticed Liz and Meg arrive. They are both quite familiar and experienced with Hypnobirthing mums, and knew to leave me to it (aside from monitoring bubs and I periodically, and quietly offering words of encouragement). I completely lost all concept of time, my only reference being your Surge of the Sea and Affirmations albums, which I had on repeat. I was in control and aware of every centimetre Ethan travelled through my body. I remember in particular you saying to me “it’s not pain, as such, but the strong discomfort felt when you use muscles you haven’t used in a long time”, and I realised you were right. I wasn’t afraid, or in pain, I just focused on visualising my cervix opening and controlling my breathing. Thanks to Hypnobirthing teaching me the physiology behind birth, and the hormones involved, I recognised the affect of adrenaline when I went into transition, and was able to cope with and rationalise the sudden increase in the intensity of the surges.This helped me to keep my presence of mind throughout, and actually stop the overwhelming urge to push by altering my breathing. I was so in control up to that point, I didn’t want to lose it at the end! The urge to push decreased in intensity, and I was able to birth Ethan calmly, into my own hands.
The birth of my third child was such a beautiful experience.  Being at home with my husband and two older sons, Noah and Levi, meant that I was calm, could labour at my own pace (no competing for the birth pool!), and best of all, could nurse my new baby in my own bed with a cup of tea, a biscuit and my family with me. I credit you and Hypnobirthing with giving me the tools to experience birth calmly and without fear. It’s no walk in the park, but it doesn’t need to be a frightening, excruciating experience. Thank you Melissa!
Chelsee and Sam, birthed in Oxfordshire ” UK, live in Western Australia.
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