It was the most empowering, positive and healing experience and everything I invisioned it to be!

Rox’s Birth Story

hypnobirthing water birthRemy’s birth was a beautiful calm hypno water birth. I had the best support team, Brad my partner and my lovely midwife Monique, who both made me feel incredibly supported. It was the most empowering, positive and healing experience and everything I invisioned it to be!

It began on Friday the 5th of November, which was the day before Remy’s due date. I was 40 weeks pregnant. After putting Lilly to bed at around 8pm brad did a few acupressure points on me that we learnt in hypnobirthing. I instantly started to feel cramping (period like pains). The cramping began to feel fairly consistent so I rang my midwife Monique, just to let her know that I might have been going into labour that night.

We went to sleep at 10:30pm, but I was woken up at 12:30am from the intensity of my contractions. I woke brad up and started to use the tens machine as we began topack the hospital bags. Brad started to track the frequency and length of my surges with an app. My waters began to break slowly at 1am. We called my mum who lives 2 hours away and asked her to come so that she could look after Lilly our daughter, while we went to hospital. While we waited for my mum I used the tools we learnt in the @belly2birth hypnobirthing course to keep me relaxed and calm. I lay in bed or sat on my fit ball, focusing on my breathing techniques and listening to hypnobirthing tracks, while brad did light touch. I also spent time in the shower to help keep me relaxed and calm.

HypnobirthingWe drove to the hospital at around 4:40am which was a 25minute drive. I continued listening to my hypnobirthing tracks and focusing on my breathing. I was in such a meditative relaxed state of mind that Brad was asking me if I was even having contractions any more. We also had a sneaky stop at McDonald’s for hotcakes on our way to hospital haha. We arrived at the hospital at 5:20am. As soon as we arrived to my room in the birth Center I asked Monique to check how dilated I was. At 5:40am I was 5cm dilated, which made me so happy!

I first got into the shower, leaning over the fitball on my hands and knees while brad applied pressure techniques on my hips through every surge. I found being in the shower to be the best pain relief for my back and hips through labour. My incredible birth photographer Lana came in at around 6:30am. The intensity of my surges became stronger so I started to use the gas at 7am to help take the edge off during surges.

My birth plan was always to have a water birth. When I first got into the birthing pool at 7:15am I began to over heat and vomit and didn’t feel comfortable. So I went back to the shower where I felt the most calmest.

surge breathingBy Around 9:30am my surges began to increase dramatically. I continued to vomit and at this point I was standing up in the shower, still using all the same hypnobirthing techniques with Brad. At 10am I felt an enormous amount of pressure, moments later the rest of my waters actually burst and made a really loud popping sound.

At 10:30am I began to transition and moved myself out into the open area of the birthing suite. I thought that’s where I was going to give birth, standing up with Brad and Monique by my side encouraging me and supporting me through every surge. By 11:10am I was getting very exhausted and my legs were shaking, so Monique encouraged me to move into the pool so that I could become more relaxed. I remember feeling enormous relief as soon as I entered the pool, as if my body told me it’s time to surrender.

Within 15 short minutes of being in the water Remy was born. It was daylight and the sun was shining through the blinds. Brad was in the pool with me. I pushed Remy’s head out in one surge and remember feeling his head and all his hair with my hand and thinking how incredible it was, such a magical moment I’ll never forget! On the following surge I pushed his body out with a bit of assistance from Monique pulling him at the same time, as his umbilical cord was completely wrapped around his whole body. Remy was born at 11.25am.

water for labour pains

I lifted Remy straight to my chest feeling so ecstatic that I just birthed my baby exactly how I invisioned it, with out all the interventions I had with Lilly’s birth. It was such an incredible feeling and I was so proud of myself. Monique, Brad and myself all realised very quickly that something was not ok with Remy. He was completely limp, deep purple all over and he wasn’t responsive or making any noises.

hypnobirthing calm birthMonique quickly asked brad to cut Remy’s umbilical cord, which he did. Monique then pushed the emergency button and with in seconds there was a full team of paediatrics and midwife’s in our room. Remy was taken straight off us and was laid under the heat lamps on a small bed. He was given oxygen while the team were rubbing his chest and back and massaging his body. He slowly started to change colour to a bright pink colour.

At this moment I had been laid down onto a bed to birth the placenta. Brad was holding Remy’s hand looking over at me. The team was staying very calm and was reassuring us that he was going to be ok and that he just hadn’t transitioned very well. Which is why his lungs were struggling to stay afloat on their own. This went on for 15 long minutes. This was obviously not part of our birth plan. I would of loved for Remy to have delayed cord clamping and uninterrupted skin to skin. But seeing Remy the way he was, none of that mattered, all I cared about was making sure he was ok. He finally coughed up some fluid, let out a small cry and began to wake up. Remy was than finally brought over to me for our first cuddle.hypnobirthing water birth

Brad and I were in awe of our little boy and we both were feeling so relieved that he was ok. He had his first breastfeed and I enjoyed skin to skin with him as we waited for my Mum to bring Lilly in. Lilly and Mum arrived with in an hour and a half after Remy’s birth. Lilly was so excited to meet her baby brother and was so proud to become a big sister. A moment I’ll never forget. Remy’s birth weight was 4.03 kg’s and he was 54cm’s tall.

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