Elijah Aten, born 13 September 2015

I live in Nanjing China (a second tier city, 300 kms west of Shanghai) and birthed my two hypno babies in Shanghai. Before becoming pregnant I knew I wanted natural, calm births. Very attainable while living in Australia. Although I birthed my babies in private hospitals with internationally trained doctors, unfortunately, in China interventions are the norm, planned c-sections even more so. And don’t even ask me about the poor bed side manners from the local midwives! – just think, one child policy means low chance of returning business! The midwife present at the birth of my first was playing solitaire on the computer until I yelled at her to get out. Funny, now.

My husband and I trained with Melissa over Skype.  The quality of information went beyond our expectations.

My first baby was born in 2013 after 26 hours of labour with my mum and husband present. Although the birth didn’t go to plan, I had an epidural towards the end, I still managed to have a vaginal birth. The hypnobirthing helped us remain calm, make informed decisions, but more importantly have clarity of our plans.

Fast forward to 2015, new hospital, new doctor, a hired doula who knew the ins and outs of the Chinese hospital policies, and a hypnobirthing refresher course. Baby number two arrived in just under 3 hours.

On the 13th of September we welcomed baby Elijah Aten earth side.

Here’s a little run down of how it happened: contractions started at 2:30 am, 8 minutes apart. I lay in bed breathing through my surges, keeping relaxed. At 4:00 I woke my husband and asked him to contact our doula and the hospital to let them know what was happening. At 4:30 my instincts told me to go go go. And luckily we did. I made it to the birthing room at 4:50 and Elijah was born at 5:09 am, 4060g 52cms.

So different to when I birthed Maya. I was bearing down, or as my doula calls it, involuntarily pushing in the taxi on the way to the hospital. My body just took over and my mind and breathing kept me calm.

My husband wasn’t aware  Just made it, only 20 minutes between us arriving and baby arriving.

It all happened so fast. It was great! Thank you again for all that you’ve taught us. Your virtual classroom is fantastic. Hubby was on it daily while we waiting in Shanghai for our baby to come, reminding me what I needed to do during the birth.

Here are a couple photos, I hope you enjoy.


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Maya with Hypnobub Elijah Aten
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