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Hypnobirthing Australia Trained Doulas

We are very proud to now be provided Hypnobirthing Australia parents with a list of trained Doulas who have been trained to support Hypnobirthing parents with the specific techniques and philosophical information aligned with your needs in hospital or home birth settings.

Doulas believe in a woman’s ability to know what to do in childbirth. They offer gentle, loving support to families who are striving for a smooth and natural childbirth experience, regardless of the setting you choose: Hospital, Birth Center, or Home. Even though there are no guarantees in childbirth, having a Doula’s support can improve your experience and give you a chance to keep your birth space sacred.

What is a Doula?

The word Doula is an ancient Greek word for Woman-Servant. In our modern birthing culture it refers to a professionally trained woman who provides support to the laboring family. This support is often described as unconditional, emotional, physical, and informational support.

Why Hire a Doula?

The process of labour and birthing creates a vulnerable time ain a couple’s relationship and the growth of the family. The support of a Doula can ease the transition with both emotional and physical comfort measures. The pressure is taken off the couple to remember everything; and they can focus on each other and the task at hand. The Doula is there to answer questions, act as your advocate and create confidence. All members of the family are served by the Doula.





Doula Advantages
  • Studies show that women who are accompanied by a Doula in childbirth
  • Have lower rates of Caesarean
  • Are often more satisfied with their birth experiences
  • Feel more confident
  • Are more likely to interact closely with their infants
  • Less likely to have post partum depression
  • Mothers who are cared for by Doulas are much more likely to initiate and continue breastfeeding, and have fewer newborns with complications

List of doulas who are trained to support Hypnobirthing Australia parents.


Brisbane – Gabriella Ambrose

Gold Coast – Nicole Brown

New South Wales

Newcastle – Karen Scanlen

Western Australia

Perth – Vicki Hobbs

Esperance – Rebekah Barlow


Melbourne – Valerie Flett

Phillip Island – Elyse Jamieson



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