Mum’s often ask us, when is the best time to attend classes? We answer ” anytime is possible ” the main thing is that you have the opportunity to learn these techniques before you birth! Many mothers have learnt hypnobirthing at 37/38 weeks ” so it can be done! However, if you have discovered Hypnobirthing earlier in your pregnancy, a good time to book into classes would be from 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy ” giving you ample time to practice the techniques. If you are further along please contact us to discuss options.

These Hypnobirthing techniques are down-to-earth, straightforward and easily learned. Many couples who have attended class, even much later in pregnancy, have achieved excellent results.

Hypnobirthing classes are structured in such a way that the birth partner is encouraged to attend. The partner’s love and support throughout pregnancy and during birth, provide valuable reassurance and bonding in preparation for the birth of your baby and pending parenthood. Having said this, sometimes there are reasons why the birthing mother needs to attend the course solo ” and this is also completely fine. You never really are alone, because your birth partner is also your baby. :)

Hypnobirthing is taught in four classes of three hours or over two consecutive full Saturdays.  Private sessions for the full course and individual sessions are also available – please contact your closest practitioner for details.

Each class is made up of theory (audio-visual, spoken explanations and interactive discussions) and practical (active relaxation and breathing exercises, hands-on massage techniques and hypnosis practice) components.


Why Choose the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Program?

Experience the ‘Hypnobirthing Australia’ advantage. What gives our classes the edge? Australian practice materials, modern training and birth videos, up-to-date and relevant birth information, engaging classes. Our classes are especially designed to prepare Australian mothers and birth partners for a calm, empowered and positive birth experience. And we ensure that we all have some fun along the way! 

Hypnobirthing Australia is a uniquely Australian course. We are in no way affiliated with the American program (who market themselves by promoting their own ‘gold seal’). The Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner course is endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives (ACM) and we are a recognised training provider with IICT.

In the Hypnobirthing Australia course you will receive all Australian handouts (not generic ones that are suited to other country’s models of maternity care), the practice tracks are all professionally recorded with Australian accents (not American or UK accents), the course and techniques are all especially designed for Australian mothers and their birth partners. You will see modern, up-to-date birthing videos from Australia, New Zealand and the UK (no 20 year old videos in our classes!). All practitioners are trained personally by Melissa Spilsted.

Demand the best for your baby’s start in life – and experience the Hypnobirthing Australia™ advantage.

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