Your course allowed me to create my own happy space full of giggles

Katie’s Birth Story

hypnobirthI completed your Hypnobirthing course and also your change of situation course recently and wanted to tell you about how it really assisted me in the birth of my first baby.

Our birth story started when Daemen and I spent 5 years trying to get pregnant but due to my PCOS and weight problems we really struggled. We did seek the help of a fertility specialist but did actually get pregnant naturally.

I was 19 weeks along when I was tested for Gestational Diabetes and confirmed diagnosis meant I was sent straight to the Obstetrician and Endocrinologist. It was at one of these appointments a midwife came in and offered to take on my care as she was a diabetic specialist. Cherie immediately changed my diet, changed and increased my exercise and told me to immediately purchase and complete a hypnobirthing course…… We were not going to have an immediate caesarean booked in and immediately medicated with insulin. We were going to find the best ways to bring this baby into the world and not just prepare my body for growing a healthy baby but preparing my mind for the honour of birth.

When I researched hypnobirthing on the Gold Coast I came across your course and when I read the reviews and saw the birth stories I knew this was the tool we needed to bring our bubba into this world in the perfect way.

My husband Daemen and I immediately began your course and found that there were many similarities between the preparation and implementation of mental and physical (breathing and motion) techniques to our previous professional dancing career when preparing for a big championship. Along the way we had access to amazing recordings and printouts that we could really feel prepared and empowered to create our own birth story along the way.

Another major plus for us was the involvement of Daemen within the process of not just the birth itself but the preparation throughout pregnancy. This was absolutely critical for us when it came to the birth because when I needed him to Daemen made critical calls without hesitation. We also discussed all of the course units with our midwife as we did them to build our birth plan in conjunction with my medical needs as the pregnancy went along.

With the help of your course and our midwife we managed to go through pregnancy with a baby at a healthy weight, growth rate and never needed to be put on insulin, making the option of a natural birth without medical intervention more viable even though it would be very rare in a person with my medical needs.hypnobub

I made it to 40 weeks and needed to be induced but was allowed to labour at home until it was time to go to hospital due to the birthing requests and proven preparation your course provided. My labour was a total of 26 hours and for 20 of that I was unable to sit or bend due to back labour so I was standing upright with only gas and the consistent calm humming of your words telling me how to breathe. Your course allowed me to create my own happy space full of giggles, a picnic and encouraging support that clearly knew my wishes and supported me through them.

Daemen did have to make the call for me to have an epidural at 20 hours as I was too physically exhausted and I really did not want a c-section. This however was where your change of situation course was critical for me as it allowed me to let go of the process and focus on the outcome of bringing my baby into the world.

Elliott  was born into this world at 7.2 pounds 52cms long, Vaginally with an elected Epesiotomy after 26 hours of labour and only 10 mins of pushing. Without your courses education I would not have been able to achieve a vaginal birth at all and the Change of Plan course really made this experience non stressful and allowed me to do what I needed to do.


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