All the knowledge and tools from the program definitely helped.

Victoria’s Birth Story

positive caesarean birth storyVictoria & Andrew

March 2021

Baby Penelope

Busselton Hospital


We welcomed Penelope on the 18th of March at 2:35am.

I’m well thank you, and the labour was very eventful. I ended up getting induced – bubba was very close to coming out naturally but I believe her head got rather stuck in my birthing canal. We tried forceps and vacuum but failed, so c-section it was.

As I was initially getting hooked up to the machine, I felt extremely emotional and nervous. I put my headphones in and listened to the birthing tracks – all of them. They really put my mind at ease and closed off the background noise. They helped relax me and I felt SO much better from them.

As I was getting wheeled down to theatre, I had the positive affirmations in my head. Mainly “I am prepared for whatever my birthing may take”. And every surge I kept thinking that this is bringing my baby closer to me.

The midwives were onboard with the program and used lots of positive words and affirmation. Andrew was very good at them to and touch. But it got too much at one point so I told him to stop politely!

All the knowledge and tools from the program definitely helped. I felt a little bit sad that I wasn’t as mobile as I would have liked but in the end I got my beautiful baby Penny!

Thanks for all your help Kasey!

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