Aila born 26 November 2013

Hi Melissa

Hypnobirthing in Emerald, QueenslandEverything went really well. When I got off the phone to you we went into the hospital and my surges were 3 minutes apart and still very subtle. The midwife was great and left us for an hour or so (as Emerald doesn’t let you have premmies there, so they were going to fly us to Rocky unless we were in active labour) and by the time the doctor came to see us I was starting to push. There was the issue with putting me on a drip for staph precautions, but again we stalled the doctor long enough that it was too late to do anything. My labour only lasted about 4 hours and 50 minutes from membranes releasing to meeting bub, which was much quicker than expected. 

The Hypnobirthing techniques really helped me through the first stage of my labour, but as I started to transition I found it very hard to maintain my focus. Jayden kept on with affirmations and light touch massage which helped a bit, he was great! I was really happy that we used Hypnobirthing but I think next time I need to refine my relaxation techniques 🙂
Thank you so much for your support through this stage of our lives, we really appreciate it.

Our little baby girl, Aila, was born at 36wk 3days and had no issues with breathing or sucking, which was so good. She did however have low blood sugar before my milk came in and we had to make some decisions to get her through. Since my milk came in she has fed heaps and is putting on weight like a little piggy :) She is so great and we are loving being parents.

Aila was 2330g (5lb 2oz) and 43cm long. :)

We are very proud and you’re right, everything worked out in the end and, as it turned out, we were very lucky we were in Emerald.

Thank you again for everything!

Lauren, Jayden and Aila, Emerald, Queensland


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