5 things to do in the last few weeks of pregnancy… The Hypnobirthing way

5 things to do in the last few weeks of pregnancy… The Hypnobirthing way

5 things to do in the last few weeks of pregnancy… the Hypnobirthing wayYou’ve finished up work, baby’s room is done, car seat is fitted, now all you need is the baby! Waiting for your baby’s arrival can be exhausting and frustrating during those last few weeks of pregnancy. While you may just want your baby now, it is the perfect opportunity to spend some time on yourself before you are nestled in the newborn bubble. Whether it’s your first or fourth baby, taking some time to connect with yourself and your baby can help you feel relaxed and content in the weeks before the birth which can then lead into a calmer postpartum.

Practice releasing tension

Create space where you can sit in a quiet place and listen to a meditation/hypnobirthing script. Ensure you are somewhere warm and comfortable. Practice relaxing your jaw by lifting your tongue to sit behind your front teeth with your mouth closed. Focus on your breath and each time you breathe out relax your shoulders down and go deeper into your body. You may want to diffuse lavender essential oils while you do this. Practising this daily will allow you to access this with ease during labour.


Each night when you go to bed, visualise your labour/birth. See yourself meeting your baby. Imagine the calm and relaxation you want to feel during that time. You may want to decorate your home with affirmations or even visual images from your Hypnobirthing folio to remind you of what your goals are, allowing you to draw on these during your labour.

Optimal maternal positioning

Something we can do to help our baby find an optimal position for birth is to be aware of our body and the positions we place it in. By adopting certain positions and postures during pregnancy we can encourage our baby to find a smooth path through the pelvis during birth. We really want to avoid slouching or positions where our back is rounded or our pelvis is tilted backwards, particularly after 36 weeks. Positions to practise during pregnancy are sitting on a fit ball with a straight back, lying on your side when on the couch and using pillows between your legs when you sleep. Click here to book in for your Optimal Maternal Positioning Course. 

Write a letter to your baby

This is a beautiful way to bond with your baby. You may like to listen to some music or diffuse some oils whilst you do this. Describe how you are feeling about meeting your baby, tell them about your dream birth, record your hopes and aspirations for their life ahead. You could even tuck it away in their baby book to open on their first birthday. Such a lovely keepsake for you and your partner to look back on.


This will look different to everyone. Think along the lines of a pregnancy massage, a facial, taking yourself to the movies or even getting your nails done. It’s likely that once the baby is born you may not be able to access these luxuries as easily so treat yourself and do something that brings you joy. I would also recommend stocking your freezer with nourishing, easy to heat meals for the postpartum period.

So, there you have it, 5 of my top tips in enjoying and marvelling your pregnant self in those last few weeks of pregnancy. Enjoy the ‘waiting’ for your baby, for they are on their way.

 This blog is written by Tayla Peacock who is both a Midwife and a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner in Victoria, Upper Beaconsfield. CLICK HERE for more details. 

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