Your course allowed us to feel empowered and assertive in the way we wanted

empowered birth

Shaylee’s Birth Story On the Friday 17th, I woke up at 2:30am with cramping, back pain and a wave of nausea. The pain felt like actual waves across my hips and back so thought I’d start timing them and gave the assessment unit a call. They just said take panadol and a hot shower and rest. Well, […]

In the end my birth was exactly how I envisioned it

hospital birth

Allison’s Birth Story Being 41+2 at my last midwife appointment the push for induction was lurking. Baby had been measuring small for my last three midwives appointments so there was concern there. With no signs at all of labour and in hopes to avoid further induction I agreed to a stretch and sweep on that […]

Your course allowed me to create my own happy space full of giggles

hypnobirthing hospital birth

Katie’s Birth Story I completed your Hypnobirthing course and also your change of situation course recently and wanted to tell you about how it really assisted me in the birth of my first baby. Our birth story started when Daemen and I spent 5 years trying to get pregnant but due to my PCOS and […]

Before hypnobirthing giving birth was my biggest fear.

Grace's positive birth

Grace’s Birth Story Grace & Matt Jan 2021 Baby Boy Bunbury     Birth went amazing it was so calm and had our baby boy in less than an hour, in at 8am and birthed at 9.20am, I stayed at home as long as possible. Got to hospital and had a warm shower till the […]

A positive experience from start to finish!

Tess' positive hospital birth

Tess & Byron’s Birth Story Tess & Byron Baby Dallas Feb 2021 Port Hedland     We would love to report we have had our little boy arrived a few weeks early at 36 weeks and 4 days old!   Our water broke at home around 1800 on the 23rd of February, I slowly started […]

I feel so incredibly lucky, we had such a smooth quick birth.

Jenna's Birth Story

Jenna’s Birth Story Jenna & Tim Baby Mackenzie August 2021 Bunbury Hospital   Mackenzie’s arrival at 37 weeks….. Being my first baby, I’d mentally started preparing to go to 41 weeks. So, the events of 19th August came as a great surprise. I wish I’d finished reading my pregnancy books, so I was a little […]

I’m so glad I went to the Positive birth Program

Rebecca's Birth Story

Rebecca’s Birth Story Rebecca & Bruce Baby Girl September 2021 Albany Hospital I’m so glad I went to the Positive birth Program as it showed me how calm women can be during birth and how relaxed they were all were just focusing on their breathing and I thought I want to be like that. I’m […]