Positive Birth Program face-to-face classes VS Hypnobirthing Online course

Positive Birth Program face-to-face classes VS Hypnobirthing Online course

Positive Birth Program face-to-face classes VS Hypnobirthing Online courseA common question we get asked is will the online course be just as educational as face-to-face classes. In short the answer is yes!

If you can’t make it to a face-to-face class our Hypnobirthing online course is a great option. Our Hypnobirthing online course has been tried and tested by thousands of Australian and overseas parents; so you know that you are receiving the BEST hypnobirthing education available at a VERY affordable price. This is the closest you will get to attending hypnobirthing classes in person.

The course contains HIGH-quality resources (our famous eBook, downloads, and most popular hypnobirthing mp3 tracks for pregnancy and birth) AND most importantly, professional VIDEO tuition by Australia’s leading expert in hypnobirthing, Melissa Spilsted. We’ve made it EASY for you to prepare for a positive and empowering birth with hypnobirthing.

What’s so special about this hypnobirthing course?
  • These childbirth classes are all online, which means that you can access your learning & resources anytime, anywhere (you have access to wifi), anyhow (on your mobile phone, tablet or computer). 
  • Our Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing online courses have been meticulously designed to be easy to follow, down-to-earth and comprehensive all at the same time. Melissa is a world expert in hypnobirthing childbirth education – so you’re in good hands!
  • We have heaps of awesome resources included in the course, so you will be well-prepared and supported along the way. Everything you need to prepare for your positive, calm, and very empowered birth!
Not sure if face-to-face classes or the online course is right for you? The main difference between face-to-face classes and the online course are:
  • More personalised support – Your Practitioner is available to answer any questions you have along the way and to also provide local knowledge of maternity options. ⁠


  • Price difference – The online option is set at a very affordable price, so no matter your location, time, or budget hypnobirthing is available to you. ⁠


  • Learning styles – Everyone has different learning styles depending if you learn best through an online course or prefer face-to-face style learning. Face-to-face is also typically taught over 2 full days whereas, the online course is self-paced. ⁠


  • Each practitioner runs their own business – You’ll find most Hypnobirthing Australia practitioners are also qualified in other areas such as doulas, midwives, birth photographers, naturopaths, and more! This is great if you required services in other areas.⁠


  • Through the online course, you also have access to a very supportive Facebook group in which you can ask any question and read positive birth stories. ⁠


You can click here to view the course outline for our Hypnobirthing Australia Online Course or click here to view the course outline for the Positive Birth Program face-to-face classes.

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