My Pain Free, Beautiful & Peaceful Induced Labour and Birth!

Our birth was absolute magic. What I experienced was nothing short of extraordinary and I could not have done it with out my birthing partner and our preparation through Hypnobirthing Australia. With the calm and supportive company of my mother and Moana my midwife, my husband, my body, my baby and I created a place of security and serenity. A place were I was able to birth how women are designed to. Pain free. Beautifully. Peacefully.
Hi Melissa!
Thanks to you, I loved my birth. I cannot wait to do it again! Thank you thank you thank you for everything. You really helped me not only with the birth but also when I needed comfort and guidance. Thank you!  Here is our birth story ? and a few photos…

Pre- Birth 

At 36 weeks I met with the midwife for my routine check up at the GCUH. Measuring small through my entire pregnancy, it came as no surprise when they showed concern that I was only measuring 33 weeks.

At 37 weeks I was asked to meet with the hospital doctor to discuss my baby’s growth and potential issues. After an extremely smooth and textbook pregnancy, it came as a huge shock when he highly recommended I be induced next week!  No one saw this coming, but I quickly reminded myself my birth will be beautiful no matter the conditions.

After discussing the concerns and the procedure, Evert and I decided we weren’t comfortable to take any risks! We booked the induction for 38 weeks, which gave us a week to bring on labour. Knowing that a high number of inductions result in cesareans we were determined!

We gave it our all; clary sage, in the bath, in a scent diffuser, raspberry leaf tea, hypnosis, acupuncture, walking and love making ?.  We decided on a date that we would no longer push it, and prepared ourselves to finally meet our baby. We asked my mum to be with us as she brings a hugely calming and comforting presence.

Come Wednesday morning I was feeling different already, so we gave it one last go before checking in to the hospital a 7pm. The excitement was overwhelming, we had truly embraced “any path my birthing takes”. Once the catheter balloon was put in place, it was time to get some sleep. Little did I realize the unsettled tossing and turning I was going to experience all night was the early stages of labour!


Sleeping very little due to the surges and pure excitement, I was up early and ready to birth. The balloon fell out, as I had already begun to dilate, great sign. We were moved to the birthing suite, where we met Moana the midwife, my mother arrived shortly after. At 10am my husband passed the tools over for Moana to break my waters, and the Syntocinon drip was set. Because my body was ready and responded already, Moana was able to set it to a low dose. This allowed my body to take control.

At this point we were prepared for a long wait, so my husband, mum and I decided to play a board game to pass some time! Within the hour my breathing instinctively changed, I felt the need to go to the toilet but I resisted, as I knew this was just a sign, baby was coming. Instead I sat on the yoga ball while we played, taking time out to breathe through the surges. We finished up our game, put on our music, Moana and mum even set up some burning oils, everything was going great. By 12pm Moana had recorded that I had transitioned into active labour.

Time passed quickly now, I did not realize how often I was now surging but it seems it was more often than I thought!

It was incredible, we could hear the wailing from down the hall of another birth, this made me lose focus, and I would panic, I could feel the fear come over me. Mum says she was amazed by what she saw next. Evert quickly calmed me with soft touch and affirmations, I breathed and the pain literally washed away in an instant.

I changed positions, I laid back on the bed, my legs were shaking so I had Evert hold my leg around my knee, from where he did not move until baby arrived. I felt so calm that I found myself falling asleep between surges! How was I going to give birth now!

At 2pm the midwife asked that we check the position of baby, she couldn’t believe I was ready, in such a short time and seemingly pain free.  She resisted telling me how far I was, as she was trying to ensure a successful hypnobirth experience. The next thing I hear is mum tell Evert, “She will love to know that”. From her experiences she knew that finding out your completely dilated, and they can see your babies head, gives you that excitement and confidence to birth your baby! I couldn’t believe how quickly it was all happening, and I certainly didn’t think it was possible that this was it, that I was so close to meeting our baby.  With a deep breath my baby crowned.

I’ll never forget seeing her head in between my legs, my mother and husband’s face, seeing the miracle happening, so excited I took 2 more deep breathes and my baby was born.

Amada Gisele, happy and content with her welcome into the world, laid straight into my arms instinctively she fed and peacefully slept. 

We couldn’t hold back the emotion!

I just wanted to express how amazing this experience was for us. Evert felt important and so involved and he truly was indispensable on the day. It’s amazing how hypnobirthing prepared him, also.

He reminded me that on the day, due to Amada only weighing 2.4kg at the last scan, they had 2 doctors at the door who wanted to check her and once she was born. With the information we had given the midwife she knew that the last thing I’d want is for them to take my baby after birth for examination. So she told them “Baby is pink and breathing fine” and asked that they wait as long as it took me to be ready to hand her over. In the end they were happy to leave without checking her, as when they weighed her she was 2.616kg!

Amazing to think there were 2 doctors and a student present at my birth that I had no idea or even recollection of being there. My space was protected and my mind was in focus, everything was perfect.

We were the talk of the ward for the next few days. Every midwife asked “How did you do It?” or told me “Qow congratulations I heard all about it, is it really your first one”. Someone even ask “Did you really just give birth 4 hours ago?”

I’m certain that the birth being smooth and so wonderful, allowed me to “bounce back” instantly. After a shower and a touch of make up I was changed and ready to tackle parenthood!

Words can not express our joy and gratitude. Thank you again, Melissa.

Thanks to an amazing support team, a birth savvy midwife, a warm and familiar mother, and an in tune birthing partner, I was able to allow my body successfully do what it is designed to do. There is nothing more challenging than your own mind, and hypnobirthing prepared and empowered me to take back my beautiful birth. 

Thank you!!

Anna and Evert

(Anna and Evert attended Hypnobirthing Australia classes on the Gold Coast with Melissa Spilsted.)

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