Hypnobirthing Australia™ parents know that “knowledge is power”. That is why we do our research prior to birth, to ensure that we are informed and able to make good, considered decisions (should the need arise). 😉

This list of extra reading and research is a long one; however remember, you don’t need to go through it all at once.

We recommend that you bookmark this page and keep coming back and continuing your research as you prepare for a positive and empowered birth.

Enjoy your extra reading and research!

Melissa x

List of Extra Reading and Research Articles

Acupressure for Pregnancy & Birth

‘Acupressure for Labour Booklet’ by Debra Betts (free download)

Hormones and Physiology of Childbirth

Your Hormones are Your Helpers by Dr Sarah Buckley

Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing by Dr Sarah Buckley (this is a very comprehensive report)

Birthing Preferences

Refer to the Sample Birth Preferences in your Hypnobirthing Australia™ Folio of Resources

Birthing Preferences (They’re not new-age nonsense! The importance of writing yours down and protecting your medical rights.)

Baby’s Position

Belly Mapping to identify your baby’s position

What is Optimal Fetal Positioning?

Rebozo technique & Slow Dancing

Breech/Posterior Positioned Baby

Breech Baby – video with tips and birth story

Spinning Babies – Turning a Breech Baby

Big Babies / Size of Pelvis

Big Babies – Evidence Regarding Induction or C-Section

Pelvises I Have Known and Loved – by Gloria Lemay

Induction of Labour

Induction of Labour (This is a longer article – but it is excellent – please read it again just before your birth)

Induction of Labour Balancing Risks 

Vaginal Examinations 

The ‘Routine’ Use of Vaginal Examinations During Physiological Birth – Examining the Evidence

Alternative ways to check ‘dilation’ (including the purple line)

Cord Clamping Information

Cord Clamping Information Video – 90 Seconds to Change the World

‘Delayed’ (or Optimal) Cord Clamping

Common Objections to Delayed Cord Clamping – What Does the Evidence Say?

Common Interventions during Birth

Artificial Rupture of Membranes – AKA Breaking the Waters

Monitoring Baby During Labour

Monitoring Your Baby During labour

Research Article – Electronic Fetal Monitoring EFM – a very thought provoking article

Positions for Labour & Birth

The Evidence on Birthing Positions – How Could Upright Positions Benefit Labour & Birth

Breathing / Bearing Down / Pushing

Surge Breathing technique video (watch this again as you near your birthing time)

Pushing for First Time Mums (podcast – great whether you are a first time mother or not!)

Additional Recommended Reading and Research

Epidurals – Dr Sarah Buckley – Evidence based information about the effects for mother and baby

Paracetamol Use in Labour – Could it possibly prolong labour?

What You Don’t Know About Episiotomies Can Hurt You

Perineal Massage – Can it help reduce tearing?

Group B Strep – What does the evidence say?

Gestational Diabetes – Beyond the Label

Birthing the Placenta

Third Stage of Labour – Dr Sarah Buckley – Great information regarding cord clamping and placenta delivery

Birth of the Placenta – Dr Rachel Reed – Very comprehensive – read it to the end!

Post Birth

The miracle of skin-to-skin – have tissues ready for this one (refer: Loving Touch & Mom’s Intuition: Kate Ogg & Jamie’s Story)

Breastfeeding Resource – Baby Led Attachment

Looking for More Inspiration?

Birth Stories (there are HUNDREDS of inspiring birth stories ready to read on our Hypnobirthing Australia website!)

Opening Lotus Flower Video Visualisation

Hypnobirthing Australia Website Blog

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