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4 Reviews on “Fran Morris - New South Wales, Sydney, Bondi”

4 reviews
  • Lauren

    This course blew the minds of my partner and I! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and have come away so much more informed and ready for birth. Fran is truely born to teach this course and made the experience so incredible as her passion is contagious. We highly recommend for all new soon to be parents. Lauren & Taylor

  • Hayley

    My partner and I were more than delighted and surprised by Fran, and her hypnobirthing class. Fran is a wealth of knowledge in pregnancy and birth, and her passion and love for women and birthing shines as she shares the hypnobirthing content. My partner and I are equipped with the tools and knowledge to own our positive birth experience no matter the path it takes – we can’t wait till labour starts ever since completing Fran’s course. We also now dedicate time everyday putting positive focus and energy on the 4th person joining our family soon. Thank you, Fran. Hayley and Patrick

  • Anika

    We spent a lovely 2 days with Fran, as part of a private class with her. She was such a bubble of light and positivity, making us feel reassured and confident in our ability to go through a natural birth. We found her to be personal and very knowledgeable on the topic. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to go with her in this course, as she really made us feel at ease with practicing hypnosis and at building up our confidence in ourselves. We can’t thank her enough and thanks to her feel so excited to meet our little one.

  • Esmeralda

    I had an incredibly positive experience with Fran’s hypnobirthing class. From the start, she exuded kindness and made us feel at ease. One of the standout aspects was her flexibility in tailoring the class to our needs and preferences. Throughout the sessions, Fran skillfully guided both my partner and me, step by step, ensuring we were well-prepared for the birth process.

    The tools and techniques Fran provided were invaluable. We utilized them all, and they played a significant role in creating a beautiful and empowering birth experience. Her approach to hypnobirthing was practical, evidence-based, and truly transformative. Thanks to Fran’s guidance, we felt confident and in control during the entire birthing journey.

    Overall, I highly recommend Fran’s hypnobirthing class to anyone seeking a positive, supportive, and enriching birth experience.

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