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Melissa 1Meet Melissa Spilsted

Melissa Spilsted is the founder and director of Hypnobirthing Australia™ and teaches hypnobirthing techniques to parents and practitioners throughout Australia and the world. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, experienced Educator, and hypnobirthing mum of 3 herself; she has first hand experience in using these proven techniques for empowering birth and wants to share these secrets with you!


Our special resources and popular hypnosis tracks for pregnancy, childbirth, caesarean birth, breastfeeding and children are available here!


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Birth videos to inspire you!

Click left to see Shari's beautiful hypnobirth using these techniques. You can also click the button below; MORE VIDEOS are here to inspire you! Although every birth is different, watching hypnobirthing videos of mothers utilising these skills for calm and natural birth, can help with building confidence leading up to your birthing day. If they can do it... so can you! MORE VIDEOS


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If you are interested in hearing more experiences from some of our Hypnobirthing Australia parents click below. MORE STORIES

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