Eden Zephyr, born 29 January 2015

natural birth hypnobirthing hypnobirth port macquarie

Here is a snippet of our hypnobirthing story and a huge thank you to our wonderful hypnobirthing coach Kassie Tubs from port Macquarie ❤️ Late on Thursday the 28th of January I had a minor bloody show and some sensations really low in my pelvis. Thinking not too much of it I didn’t bother texting… Read More

Vivianne, born 31 October 2014

hypnobirthing caesarean emergency calm hypnobirth

Hi Melissa! Kasia and Matt here.. Hope you are well! First of all, we had our beautiful baby girl – Vivianne, born on 31/10/14! She is absolutely gorgeous,very calm and so delicate ! I miss here sometimes when she goes to sleep, as I know I wont cuddle her for next 4-5h! Birth experience, well… Read More

Olive Rose, born 28 September 2014

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Hello Melissa, My name is Faith and I was in your hypnobirthing class earlier this year around June. Just wanted to let you know I had such a beautiful and relaxing birth thanks to you. I still can’t believe that it actually happened so quickly and so smoothly. Olive Rose  was born at 8.25am on… Read More

Eleanor, born 20 October 2014

hypnobirthing hypnobirth rockhampton vbac natural birth water birth antenatal class course

Another successful VBAC story to share and inspire! Hi Melissa, Bruce, Solara and I welcomed little Eleanor, 9lbs 6oz, on the 20th of October via sucessful VBAC! After taking your class in June we had our first appointment with Doctors the following week. From then on we were met with negativity for our wishes for… Read More

Isaac, born 16 November 2014

hypnobirthing hypnobirth natural birth water birth antenatal class course

We are delighted to let you know that our perfect little creature was born Sunday 16th at 8:26am. He swam into the world with a lovely natural water birth. I am completely and utterly in love. Sean was amazing as were all the staff and everything went the way we had hoped. Thanks for everything… Read More

Oscar, born 1 November 2014

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Second time Hypnobirthing mother, Sophie; is a paediatrician now living in France. She and Ludo completed the Hypnobirthing Australia course for the birth of their first baby, Rose; and now they are proud to announce the hypnobirth of their 2nd baby, Oscar. Hi Melissa ! Just wanted to let you know that our little Oscar is… Read More

Orlando, born 20 January 2014

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Let me first start by saying how absolutely grateful I am to the lovely couple that first mentioned hypnobirthing to me. I had never heard of it until I met this couple when I was 12weeks pregnant, they said to me- If we can give you one piece of advice, please look into hypnobirthing. I… Read More

Abigail Clare, born 22 July 2014


Hey Melissa, Just wanted to say mother HUGE thank you for our talk! After we discussed everything, it really helped me focus back on the task at hand. The birth went EXCEPTIONALLY well. My obstetrician was flabbergasted. Even during the birth, he kept saying, “Geez, you’re so relaxed” and I’ve scanned in a pic of… Read More

Chayce Ryder, born 29 March 2014


Hi Melissa, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the classes; it really helped myself & Jesse. We had a beautiful water birth. Everything went perfect. Our baby boy was born on the 29th march at 7 pounds at 5.30 am our baby boy is now 4 months and we are so… Read More

Ivy Teresia, born 9 June 2014


Even though our beautiful water-hypno- birth “plan” didn’t go to plan (quite the opposite), I can honestly say that doing the Hypnobirthing course with my fiancé Josh helped us tremendously. Being ‘calmly prepared for whatever turn my birthing may take’ and havingthe confidence and knowledge to question certain procedures while staying very relaxed in a… Read More

Angus, born 2 June 2014


Angus’ Birth Story I guess Angus’ birth story actually begins with Jesper’s, his older brother’s. Jesper’s birth was a ‘picture perfect’ birth and went exactly to plan like a hypnobirthing text book! Jesper was born very peacefully in water at the birth centre under dim lights, with beautiful music and essential oils burning and the… Read More

Finn, born 1 July 2014


Hi Melissa, Just thought I’d share some more details with you about the birth of our baby boy Finn on 1st July. I had been in a great deal of pain (mentally and physically) in the weeks leading up to his birth. I think I must have gone to bed every night for 2 weeks… Read More

Lachlan David, born 5 March 2014


Our Birth Story (Nicole and David were taught by Mae’t Pearson from My Best Birth, Brisbane) This is one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had in our life. It all began when I found out I was pregnant with my second baby due on the 3rd of March 2014. We had thoroughly… Read More